Equipping women for collaborative and embodied engagement with scripture.

We seek to lift up responsive, full person (body, heart, and mind), interdependent, and emerging conversations grounded in a recognition of many generations of engagement around sacred texts and connected with and informed by women's present lived experience.


We each come to conversations around religion and biblical interpretation with our own unique background, stories, personalities, and experiences. 

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Engage with scripture and theology on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own homeā¸¤individually or with a group of friends.

Our multi-session courses are flexible enough to be adapted to your needs while at the same time connecting you to a rich history of tradition and to a community of others who are engaging with the same material.

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Women Leaders in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

Did you know that women played important roles in spiritual, governmental, military, and worship leadership in the Bible? Join Dr. Melissa Ramos for a 5-session course on women leaders in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.

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Embodiment Is Found in the Stillness

Have you ever wondered how to listen more closely to your intuition? There is a sacred space between the restless mind and the demands of daily life. This is a place of wisdom and clarity. Embodied living is a journey inward. What are your core values? Do your daily habits reflect these values? Are you listening to your body's cues throughout the day? What is an ideal week for you? Join Dr. Jennifer Pantoja for an 6-session course on deep listening, with an emphasis on practical application for our daily lives.



& Wholeness

What does the Hebrew word for compassion (related to the word for womb) convey about the human journey toward maturity? What principles and practices can support us in our endeavors to engage with ourselves and others with compassion and courageous curiosity? How can we nourish the basic human need for agency and self-efficacy while also honoring our inherent interconnectedness? Join Dr. Jody Washburn for an exploration of these questions and more.

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Trauma-informed engagement with scripture involves thoughtful and compassionate engagement with ourselves and each other when we gather around sacred texts. 

We explore embodied and collaborative reading in conversation with research on trauma and human flourishing and well-being.  

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